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Forrás: Sziget Fesztivál, 2018/08/06 11:30

Our cause: SuperarSziget and Superar
This year Sziget and Superar have partnered up to spread the Superar initiative and give you a glimpse of how music can truly inspire and unite people. If you would like to support the program, then please drop off your reusable cups at collections points around Sziget.
Be a part of the movement! Come out to the Sziget sing-along special party at the Main Stage on August 12th at 7pm and join us for an awesome time. Experience how the power of music can break down boundaries and brings us all together.
Superar is an initiative, empowering children and young people from underprivileged conditions, through active music-making to overcome their socio-economic boundaries.
Superar sees daily artistic promotion as a promising way of reaching people of every social, ethnic, religious, political and educational background, educating them to be self-sufficient and responsible European citizens. Superar uses music education as a tool for dialogue between different groups of our society, advocating the importance of equal opportunities for all children.
We believe that music education promotes a variety of positive outcomes. Our model is based on the idea that training every student to realise their musical potential improves their focus, motivation, creativity and confidence. Furthermore, we believe that working together creatively strongly reinforces sense of community, communication skills, consideration for others, tolerance and the ability to accept criticism. Cultivation of these skills is a fundamental part of our model and is at the core of many socio-political and educational issues.
More than 2000 children benefit from Superar, including about 27 different nations in Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Bosnia, Romania and Liechtenstein.
Superar’s goal is to enroll a large number of children in music education programmes, free of charge.The project offers children and families a possibility to connect to public and cultural life of their city, establish connections to artists and their surroundings and thus being introduced to people and ideas that would otherwise not be accessible to them.
The most important goal of Superar is to raise the perspectives of children for life, help them discover their potentials, especially for their educational career. Through different co-operations we are constantly working on better education opportunities for children. We organise visits to different departments of our cooperation partners (concert halls, theatres) to introduce children options for their vocational education.
Main Activities
Regular choir classes
Regular instrumental classes
Summer music camps for local children
International summer camps
Taking part in professional music productions (in cooperation with professional concert halls, theatres just like the National Opera)
Concerts for children’s families and friends as well as bigger scale public concerts
Trainings for Superar staff from Austria and international locations
For more information, please visit our website: http://www.superar.eu/Az objektív tájékozódás érdekében javasoljuk, hogy a híreknek / eseményeknek több külön forrásnál is nézz utána!

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