See you on The Island Of Freedom in 2022 - freer than ever!Videó: Zene, koncertek, előadók és énekesek, klipek és zene TV-k:See you on The Island Of Freedom in 2022 - freer than ever!
Forrás: Sziget Fesztivál, 2021/05/06 12:30

See you on The Island Of Freedom in 2022 - freer than ever!Dear Szitizens,
First off: we miss you!
As most of you are probably aware, the pandemic-induced climate of uncertainty is still very prominent in the festival business.
Our whole team at Sziget believes that it’s our shared responsibility to sail through these stormy times with care; so after a thorough review of our options and to ensure the safety of all of you as well as our staff and artists, we’ll now be bringing The Island of Freedom back to you in its full glory in the summer of 2022.
And we’ll be back with a bang - get ready for a new love revolution, brand-new experiences, and a lineup that will have you bouncing off the walls.
If you’re holding a ticket for 2020 and want to party with us at Sziget Festival next summer, you don’t have to do anything - we will automatically transfer the ticket you purchased for 2020 for the summer of 2022. On top of your ticket, you will also receive a Gift Credit as a thank you for your loyalty.
Please, keep an eye on your mailbox, as all ticket holders have been notified about their options via email.
It won’t be long ’til we’re back together on The Island of Freedom again - freer than ever!
And we can’t wait.
— The Sziget TeamAz objektív tájékozódás érdekében javasoljuk, hogy a híreknek / eseményeknek több külön forrásnál is nézz utána!

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